The Corporation Of Maqasid Al-Syariah Concept In Community Development


UUM ONLINE: A model based on the concept of Maqasid al-Shariah Corporation can be applied as an alternative approach to transform and develop the local community. Various economic, social, educational, political, spiritual, psychological and social activities can be structured for youth, teens, adults and also the elderly.

Maqasid can be defined as instituting the righteousness, rejecting immorality and eliminating harm. Shariah is the divine law or system of general guidance determined by Allah SWT in order to provide guidance and to be observed by human in their daily interaction.

Maqasid al-Syariah illuminates the objective / purpose / goals / needs / insights on the implementation of law / rule and the principles of Islamic jurisprudence. Thus, to ensure the success of the comprehensive community development project based on the concept of Maqasid al-Syariah, everyone needs to start prioritizing the good, rejecting evil and eliminating commission of actions deemed vicious by convention.

Speaking at the Inaugural Professorial Lecture, Prof. Dr Mahamad Tayib, a Professor at Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business (OYAGSB), Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) said, Maqasid al-Syariah-based Corporation is part of the sustainable development effort that will assist in the expansion of the economic, political, social and spirituality, psychology and the culture of the community in life and hereafter. The Inaugural Professorial Lecture was held at Seminar Hall A, Convention Complex recently.

The application of this model in the development of a society will place more emphasis on the behavior and the conduct of each community member. This model does not only focus on the aspects of financial structures and processes. The dynamic and holistic approach of Maqasid al-Syariahrequires it to be periodically regulated.

"Maqasid al-Syariah is centered on the Fundamental Principles of the Corporation, which is the starting point for the community development activities which includes the involvement of the community in collaborative projects, social entrepreneurship and so forth”.

The ultimate goal of this model is to create a sense of comfort and security in the local community by demonstrating complete obedience to Allah.

Translated by Nur Ida Faradilla binti Aziz




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