The UUM Board of Directors Brainstorm With Counterparts at UMHSB Group & Subsidiaries

The UUM Board of Directors Brainstorm With Counterparts at UMHSB Group & Subsidiaries

UUM ONLINE: The University Board of Directors (LPU), led by Tan Sri Siti Sa'adiah Sheikh Bakir, attended a brainstorming session with the Board of Directors of the UMHSB Group and its subsidiaries at the EDC Hotels & Resorts, yesterday.

At the session, members of the LPU, among whom was the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dato' Seri Dr Mohamed Mustafa Ishak, were briefed about the companies. The brainstorming session involved the UMHSB Group and its subsidiaries, namely, UECSB, UPSB, UPMSB, USSB and MCSB.

UMHSB was represented by Mr. Suardi Mohamed Zakaria; UECSB, by Assoc. Prof. Dr Fairol Halim; UPSB, by Mr. Ahmad Fauzi Zainal Abiddin and Mr. Madzli T. Othman; UPMSB, by Mr. Rosley Che Ros; USSB, by Mr. Ahmad Mujahid Abd Ghani, and MCSB, by Mdm. Kham Din Chu @ Kham Nur Alia Abdullah.

Tan Sri Sa'adiah urged those present to seize the opportunity and utilise the session as a platform for gathering ideas and enlightened viewpoints, and to subsequently disseminate the same to the top management for further action that could translate them into a wealth of benefits for all parties concerned.

"With the presence of the members of the LPU, professors, and members of the board of directors of the business component of this equation, we should be able to come up with viable avenues for generating revenue for the companies. We may, perhaps, even come up with ways that never figured in any previous planning.

"We have many assets that we may not even have considered before now. We should, therefore, seize this opportunity so that we can create wealth not only for our companies, but also for the University," she said.

She added that the LPU members could be relied on to give constant guidance and advice for the successful implementation of any strategy that was decided upon.

Also present at the session were members of the University Management Committee, Professors, and senior UUM officials.

Translated by Mahaliza Mahadhir




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