A Balance of Academics & Co-Curricular Activities is Essential to Holistic Development in Students

A Balance of Academics & Co-Curricular Activities is Essential to Holistic Development in Students

UUM ONLINE: In order to produce holistically developed graduates, universities need to train students not only to excel academically, but also to actively immerse themselves in the co-curricular programmes offered there.

The Vice-Chancellor of UUM, Prof. Dato' Seri Dr Mohamed Mustafa Ishak, said that achieving the right balance in honing both the students’ academic and co-curricular capabilities would indirectly help realise the University’s mission of 'Educating Holistic Leaders in the Service of the Global Community.'

According to him, the University was desirous of producing graduates who could not only master academic knowledge, but also communicate effectively, as in debates, and be physically tough and agile. Hence, he said, they needed to also participate in activities involving physical endurance so as to be able to develop holistically.

He said that, to date, UUM offered 69 co-curricular programmes, or courses, which students could choose from based on their interest and convenience. In fact, he added, the university was keenly aware of the importance of the co-curricular aspect in adding a dimension to building character among students, quite apart from academics, which only centred on cognitive skills.

"Students need new value-added courses which, possibly, they may not have been exposed to before, or in which they have had no interest whatsoever. Thus UUM, through its Co-curriculum Centre, will ensure that the programmes offered are improved and that the learning outcomes are successfully achieved in order to make certain that the graduates have not only technical skills, but also other social skills that are important to them as individuals," he said in his welcoming speech at the Co-curriculum Appreciation Night, held at the Mu'adzam Shah Hall recently.

He stated that the co-curricular programme at UUM was established during the early days of UUM itself and that UUM was the first university in Malaysia to introduce the co-curricular programme and then make it compulsory for the fulfilment of its undergraduate programmes.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Co-curriculum Centre, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hussin Abdullah, said that a total of 61 courses, encompassing 15 co-curriculum units and involving more than 6,000 students, were offered every semester on campus.

He added that the raison d'être of the co-curricular programme was to produce graduates who embodied perfect human capital, hence the Co-curriculum Centre had made improvements in terms of syllabus content so as to enhance the spirit of patriotism, sense of identity, discipline, loyalty, and team spirit.

"The advantage of implementing the Credited Co-curriculum Course (CCC) in UUM is that a number of courses have obtained recognition from several agencies and, to date, a total of 24 courses from 10 co-curriculum units have obtained recognition.

“To continue with the Co-curriculum Centre’s agenda of obtaining recognition for relevant co-curricular courses, in early February 2017, the Centre held a discussion, with a view to collaboration, with the Skills Development Division, Ministry of Youth and Sports, and the Alumni Association of the Youth and Sports Skills Training Institution,” he said.

The evening also witnessed the Vice-Chancellor launch the Teamwork Skills Kit and present various co-curriculum certificates and awards.

Also present at the event were members of the University Management Committee and senior UUM officials.

Translated by Mahaliza Mahadhir




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