UUM Honours Members Of Staff Who Will Be On Duty During The Aidilfitri Celebrations

UUM Honours Members Of Staff Who Will Be On Duty During The Aidilfitri Celebrations

UUM ONLINE: 21 June - At a special ceremony held this morning, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) showered its appreciation upon a total of 105 members of staff who will be on duty during the Aidilfitri celebrations. These staff members are from the Security Department, UUMIT, Islamic Centre, Department of Development and Maintenance (JPP), and EDC Hotels & Resorts.

All of the members of staff concerned received tokens of appreciation in the form of hampers, which were presented by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof Dato' Seri Dr Mohamed Mustafa Ishak, at the foyer of the Chancellery building.

The Vice-Chancellor said in his speech that, in anticipation of the Aidilfitri celebrations, most of the campus denizens had started to leave for their respective hometowns to celebrate the joyous arrival of Syawal, which was fast approaching.

“I hope that the security personnel will be extra vigilant in safeguarding the campus because crime can happen at any time, especially during festive seasons,” he said.

He expressed his hope that the members of staff on duty during Aidilfitri would closely monitor the happenings on university properties and be wary of unauthorised individuals wandering around campus.

He added that, for security reasons, the university would soon designate certain areas on campus as restricted zones where no staff members or students would be allowed past 10pm.

“Apart from this, all members of staff should also check all electrical appliances and make sure that they are switched off so as to prevent the outbreak of fire, and make certain that all doors and windows are locked. These precautionary measures are essential to ensure that our campus, which houses 11,412 assets and an inventory of 276,188 items, worth MYR 1.26 billion in all, is secure.

“At the same time, though many from among the campus community will be away on holiday, there will still be a significant number of international students who will not be on vacation and will remain on campus. I hope that the members of staff who will be staying back on campus, will readily help these students should they need assistance,” he said.

Meanwhile, a staff member of EDC Hotels & Resorts, Noor Syafikah Rosli, expressed her gratitude to the University for honouring the staff members who will be on duty during Aidilfitri this year.

She said that the morning atmosphere on Hari Raya was going to be very different this year, unlike the years before when she had always greeted the Raya mornings in the company of her family members, dressed in new clothes and all aflutter in the expectation of the full bloom of joy.

“This is one of the sacrifices that I have to make when duty calls, but I am still happy that I will be able to celebrate Syawal with my friends,” she said.

Also present at the special ceremony were the Registrar, Dato' Mohamad Akhir Yusuf; the Director of the Chancellery, Mr. Ahmad Rasidi Abdullah, and senior UUM officials.


Translated by Mahaliza Mahadhir




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