The Spirit Of Patriotism Safeguards Not Only The Nation, But Also The University

The Spirit Of Patriotism Safeguards Not Only The Nation, But Also The University

 UUM ONLINE: 24 August - The denizens of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) were urged to cherish the spirit of patriotism for the purposes of safeguarding not only the homeland, but also the university.

According to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dato' Seri Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Ishak, Malaysia was incomparably beautiful and replete with significance, and had a palpable bond with the people as a nation in which all its citizens could build their lives.

In this regard, he said, the people must ensure that the nation remained independent and sovereign for the benefit of posterity. In fact, he said, the present generation must not assume that they were the sole beneficiaries of the fruits of the struggle of our past leaders.

"However, in carrying out their obligations to the nation, members of the UUM community, in particular, should not forget their responsibilities towards the university, which has given them all a precious livelihood.

"We have a great responsibility towards making sure that the struggles of the past to cleanse Sintok of communist infestation were not in vain because UUM is not only a place of work, but also a place in which to make an honest living for ourselves and our families. UUM is no ordinary place; this university gave the entire staff a livelihood," he said, at the Monthly Assembly and launch of the 60th Independence Month Celebration at Dewan Mu'adzam Shah, this morning.

He added that, in carrying out the responsibilities of preserving the nation's independence, the denizens of UUM should also be of one mind in ensuring that the university remained dignified and respected so that it would acquire a standing of equal stature with world-renowned universities.

The Vice-Chancellor said that the UUM community needed a meticulous plan to develop the university’s prestige and dignity to a level which would inspire great pride and respect. Hence, the university formulated the UUM Strategic Plan, for a period till the year 2020, to achieve the goal of being universally acknowledged as an Eminent Management University.

He said that, although the university was placed under the category of ‘Developing Countries’, UUM’s rise in the World Rankings had been so impressive that no one looked down upon UUM anymore and that the university only needed to maintain its performance in order to go further in the future.

In his speech, the Vice-Chancellor also described the achievements of OYAGSB in its effort to become a Top Business School and its plans to begin operations in Kuala Lumpur early next year, as well as the university’s plans to generate income by way of monetising its assets.

"To realise all these plans, the members of the UUM community need to have an abiding affection for the university, not just for the nation. Failing this, we will not have the sense of responsibility we will need to safeguard the country and develop this university together.

"I hope that all the Centres of Authority (PTJ) will be able develop an appropriate mind set by undergoing a transformation that will change the landscape, or scenario, of the university completely," he said.

At the Assembly, the Vice-Chancellor also presented medals and certificates of appreciation to the SUKUM Contingent and the Innovation and Creativity Group (KIK), which had recently made the university proud. In addition, a university vehicle for the use of the disabled on campus, was also launched.

Translated by Mahaliza Mahadhir




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