UUM Lecturer In The Lead At iCompEx'18

UUM Lecturer In The Lead At iCompEx'18
UUM ONLINE: A research product produced by Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM),  the Multiple Intelligences & Thinking Skills Activity Flip Module successfully secured a gold medal and won the best innovation prize at the National Innovation & Invention Competition Through Exhibition 2018 (iCompEx’18) at the Wawasan Hall, Jitra Kedah.
The victory entitled the Research Fellow of the Institute of Excellence Teachers & Leaders in Education, Dr. Nurulwahida Azid @ Aziz to take home a cheque amounting MYR700 and a Crystal trophy after being in the lead of 114 competitors from various departments and institutions throughout the country competing in the teaching and learning cluster.
"The Multiple Intelligences & Thinking Skills Activity Flip Module is an interactive pedagogic tool developed to stimulate seven different types of intelligences as well as sharpen analytical, creative, practical and problem-solving skills.
"The three variables are measured through problem solving activities based on learning outcomes that are clearly stated for each unit," she said at the event organised by Polimas, Kedah.
She added that the application entailed seven units representing seven different intelligence types and three sub-units representing three types of thinking skills.
Each activity was developed based on Multiple Intelligences Theory (Gardner, 1983), Successful Intelligences Theory (Sternberg, 1985) and Problem Solving Inventory (Soliman, 2014).
Problem solving activities were developed based on verbal linguistic, mathematical logic, visual space, kinaesthetic, music, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.
Problem solving activities also involved writing skills and analytically, creative as well as practical thinking skills that required solutions be found individually and in groups.
Activities were structured based on constructive alignment and outcome-based education that measured the learning outcomes, learning activities, materials needed, activity feedback and systematic conclusions.
The application was developed using the Flip PDF Professionals Application based on ADDIE Model (Branch, 2005). The ADDIE model involved five phases namely analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation.
The results of the mixed method of study carried out at two MARA Junior Science Colleges, three orphanages in Perlis and three schools in Kota Bharu Kelantan showed improvements in multiple post intelligence test scores, thinking skills and problem solving compared to pre-test.
Meanwhile the teachers and students interviewed at all the schools which utilised the application showed positive feedback on the development of Multiple Intelligences & Thinking Skills Activity Flip Module.
Even teachers and students agreed that the application tested various intelligence and student thinking skills through problem solving activities.  They also recommended that the application be used extensively in all schools in Malaysia.
Translated by Mahaliza Mahadhir

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