ebooksUUM ONLINE: The denizens of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), particularly lecturers and students, are urged to take advantage of eBooks and LibGuides as the most convenient and time-saving method of accessing scholarly materials from around the world.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Prof. Dr. Haim Hilman Abdullah, who is performing the duties of Vice-Chancellor, said that the rapid technological change has altered the national education landscape, and UUM is keeping pace with these changes to ensure that students and staff at this university receive the best services.

According to him, in order to capitalise on technological advancements, UUM, through the Sultanah Bahiyah Library (PSB), has provided eBooks and LibGuides, which are electronic resources that allow students and lecturers to access information online from anywhere.

He stated that by subscribing to various types of eBooks such as Proquest, EbscoHost, and Science Direct, the university will ensure that every collection of books or journals is always up to date, and he expressed his confidence in PSB's ability to continue to provide the best reference and scholarly materials at the university.

"I also hope that students and lecturers will explore and make the best use of LibGuides as an information guide that assists in determining relevant resources based on subjects and topics. Make the most of the knowledge that is now available thanks to the university's quick and easy access.

“Read extensively and with an open heart. Indeed, the university has always been committed to providing students with the best possible teaching and learning experiences in order to ensure the sustainability of a nation built on the backs of university graduates," he said at the eBooks and LibGuides Launch Ceremony held at the PSB Foyer yesterday.

Meanwhile, Mr. Salleh Hudin Mustaffa, Chief Librarian, stated that the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as technological changes, has prompted PSB to expand access to scholarly materials such as journals and books.

According to him, eBooks is an electronic learning resource that allows students to obtain information more quickly by utilising today's technology.

According to him, the platform is the best and quickest method, particularly when teaching and learning activities on campus are conducted remotely.

"Students and lecturers can use this service to access all relevant resources not only from within the country but also from around the world.

"To ensure that PSB continues to provide quality services, we will also promote the use of these services provided on the website and social media to encourage more people to use eBooks and LibGuides," he said.

At the ceremony, Mr. Henry Lok, Senior Account Manager, ProQuest Southeast Asia, also presented an introductory video of eBooks, as well as a montage of eBooks and LibGuides.