UUM, which was established by the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, in 1984, is the sixth public university in Malaysia. It is the only university in Malaysia that was set-up to specialise solely in management education.

The 1,061-hectare main campus is located in Sintok, Kedah, and it is ensconced in a luxuriant tropical rain forest surrounded by emerald green hills, making it one of the most beautiful campuses in the region. It is the only university in Malaysia that provides on campus accommodation to more than 22,000 students.

The university’s state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure are on par with those of the best campuses in the world. The MYR580 million campus started its operations on 15 September 1990 and was officially declared open by His Royal Highness, the Sultan of Kedah and Chancellor of UUM, on 17 February 2004.


To Be An Eminent Management University


We educate leaders with holistic characteristics to serve the global community


Universiti Utara Malaysia was established to primarily develop and promote management education in the country. Its academic programmes are especially geared towards providing a broad spectrum of academic knowledge and intellectual skills in the area of management, accounting, economics, information technology, public administration, human resource management, entrepreneurship, finance and banking, law, marketing, management of technology, communication, social work, multimedia, education, decision science, international affairs, business management, tourism, muamalat administration, development management, logistics and transportation, hospitality, risk and insurance management, media technology, agribusiness management science, business mathematics, industrial statistics and counseling. Universiti Utara Malaysia also acts as a catalyst for socio-economic development in the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. It is envisaged that the University's basic infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities and international pool of human resources will provide the much needed impetus to develop and sustain most, if not all socio-economic activities in the region.

In addition to its core business of providing quality teaching, conducting extensive research, and promoting a culture of scholarly publications, the University will contribute to the social, economic and intellectual development of communities beyond the campus. The University has a crucial role to play when engaging the surrounding local communities in community-based projects, in developing or strengthening community-university partnerships through collaboration with other government agencies and/or the private sector.

The University's objectives are aptly embodied in the following three major thrusts:

  • To be the centre of excellence for management education.
  • To be the leading referral centre in all aspects of management scholarship and practice.
  • To be the premier resource centre in the field of management studies.

Cognizant of the fact that God will not change the destiny of a people until the people themselves endeavour to change it;

Appreciating that Malaysia has been blessed with a wealth of both human and natural resources;

Realising that both these resources must be garnered as best and as effectively as possible, and that the key to success is planning, management, monitoring, re-evaluation, and adherence to knowledge, science, and technology;

Convinced that humankind cannot subsist merely on material progress without humanitarian qualities, civility, and conviction of faith, and that natural sources cannot be allowed to be exploited to the extent of threatening human civilisation itself;

Universiti Utara Malaysia, thus, dedicates itself to the goal of producing graduates who have the ability and leadership qualities of high degree in planning and managing human and natural resources scientifically and creatively for the prosperity and peace of the people, harmony of the nation, and peace throughout the world.

The University resolves to foster excellence in scholarship, research, publication, and service to society especially in efforts to exploit human and natural resources efficiently.

Over and above this, the University aspires to produce well-rounded graduates with scholastic, social, and humanistic qualities, individuals who are well balanced in their make-up, always guided by sublime and noble values.

Towards achieving the above, the University, as well as its students and staff, will imbibe the values embodied in its motto: KNOWLEDGE, VIRTUE, SERVICE.


Toward realising the University's vision to be a Management University of world-class standing, and in line with its motto "KNOWLEDGE, VIRTUE, SERVICE", and with God Almighty's blessing, we hereby pledge with complete resolve and commitment, to honour our clients rights as follows:

To the Students

  • To provide education, facilities, and the best management system based on the established standards.

To the Staff

  • To provide students who are capable.
  • To provide the best facilities to aid work procedures; and
  • To give appropriate incentives and opportunities to expand knowledge with justice for staff development and progress.

To the Nation

  • To provide potential human resource to meet the nation's needs.
  • To provide training, research, and consultancy services to promote the growth and development of knowledge.

In Specific:

  • Resolve 80% of IT Services isues.
  • Any Feedback and Enquiry will be responded in 3 working days.


The University`s Mace was handed over by His Royal Highness the King of Malaysia through the Minister of Education at Bukit Serena Palace, Johor Bharu on 14 July 1988.


The simple design symbolizes the agility and dynamism in the implementation of Universiti Utara Malaysia activities.


The Universiti Utara Malaysia mace comprises five parts.

The first part has five smooth surfaces symbolizing Islam and the Rukun Negara, and is shaped like a torch that is perpetually glowing thus symbolizing life. The five smooth surfaces are inscribed with the motifs below:

  • The insignia of the Malaysian Government
  • The logo of Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • The National flower
  • The Universiti Utara Malaysia name in calligraphy
  • The torch symbolising scholarship

The second part is shaped like a bowl. Its surface is decorated with rice grains that have just matured to symbolise ‘BUDI’ or virtue. On top of the bowl, there are three feathers which symbolise the quill of knowledge. The bowl is adorned with sapphires reflecting to the blue colour in the UUM logo.

The third part symbolises the staff of authority which is strong and is the basis of stability for the development of knowledge.

The fourth part, is the end of the staff. Here, there are three blades of the Jawa Demam Kris arranged in a triangular shape. The tips of the blades are all pointed towards one direction and symbolise unity in facing a situation.

The fifth part is shaped like a hemisphere and is symbolic of the University’s purpose. Its surface is adorned with Malay motifs.