UUM Logo & Emblem


Universiti Utara Malaysia was established to primarily develop and promote management education in the country. Its academic programmes are especially geared towards providing a broad spectrum of academic knowledge and intellectual skills in the area of management, accounting, economics, information technology, public administration, human resource management, entrepreneThe Universiti Utara Malaysia logo comprises three graphic elements; the emblem, the acronym ‘UUM’ and the full name ‘Universiti Utara Malaysia’. This logo should be placed in all official collaterals such as signage and stationery as well as for advertising purposes through traditional or new media. All three elements must not be separated. The name ‘Universiti Utara Malaysia’ must not be recreated with any other font, resized nor rearranged for any reason.


The University’s logo resembles a shield shaped like the nib of a pen. Within the shield, there are curved and vertical lines, and right in the centre there are six oval shapes that represent, among others, six grains of rice. The background colour of the shield is dark blue while the vertical and curved lines are white. If the logo is on a flag, the background colour surrounding the shield should be light blue.


First: The shield, which is shaped like the nib of a pen, symbolises UUM as an institution of education and knowledge. The nib of the pen also symbolises the proactive nature of knowledge. The University does not only formulate knowledge, but also disseminates knowledge through teaching, research, consultation and publication.

Second:The white lines represent the initial letters of the University’s name. The U-shaped line at the bottom stands for ‘University’, while the second curved line, the smaller ‘U’, stands for ‘Utara’. On top of these curved lines, there are two curved lines and a vertical line in between shaped like an ‘M’, which stands for ‘Malaysia’. All together, the lines represent the University’s acronym – UUM.

Third: Inside the University’s logo, the University’s motto ‘ILMU BUDI BAKTI’ is inscribed. The two curved lines at the bottom of the shield also symbolise sheets of paper which carry the meaning of ‘ILMU’ or knowledge, The six yellow ovals in the centre of the shield represent ‘BUDI’ or virtue as reflected in the Malay proverb - “Ikut resmi padi, semakin berisi semakin tunduk” (As the grains of rice on a stalk of paddy mature, become heavier, and tilt the stalk downwards, making it bow, so should those who increase their knowledge, evince humility). The three lines at the top of the shield symbolise ‘BAKTI’ or services rendered whether individually or collectively to one’s faith, society and nation.

Fourth: The three oval lines surrounding the shield symbolise universal moral values which guide members of the campus community.

Fifth: The yellow colour within the oval lines and around the shield represents the campus community’s loyalty to the King and nation.

Sixth:The white colour inside the logo, surrounding the shield, symbolises a clean, efficient and trustworthy University management.

Seventh: The blue colour represents solidarity among the members of the campus community.

Eighth:: The white colour inside the five lines symbolises the five Pillars of Islam.

Ninth: Besides representing ‘BUDI’, the six yellow ovals in the centre of the shield also symbolise the six Principles of Faith.

Tenth: Finally, the two blue dots symbolise the University’s excellence and uniqueness as a management university.



UUM’s tag line ‘The Eminent Management University’ is a reflection of the vision behind the emblem and logo, to develop and promote management education in the country. UUM aims to provide the nation with capable graduates who are able to take the helm in leading the future Malaysia into a modern and developed society with strong and grounded values. This tag line is a striking statement of this objective. UUM aspires to become ‘The Eminent Management University’ by providing the best environment and syllabus to its campus community, as well as by constantly improving and building its name on the world stage. This tag line is complementary to the logo in all collaterals as well as the advertising and promotional items UUM may have. It may or may not appear, according to the University’s Corporate Communications discretion.



The primary color palette for the Universiti Utara Malaysia brand is shown above. Prominent use of these colours further reinforces the university brand.