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Master of Science (International Accounting)

Master of Science (International Accounting) is offered by coursework with 42 credit hours which comprise the following:

Core Courses (30 credit hours)

BPMN6073 Research Methodology
BPMN6023 Strategic Management
BKAR5033 Seminar in International Accounting
BKAR5043 Financial Accounting Theory & Reporting Practices
BKAM5023 Management Accounting and Control Systems
BKAS5013 Seminar in Accounting Information Systems
BKAT5023 Contemporary Issues in International Taxation
BWFF5043 International Financial Management
BKAR5063 Financial Statement Analysis
BKAA5013 Issues in Auditing and Investigations

Elective Courses (6 credit hours)

Choose any 2 courses from the list below:

BKAL5033 Seminar in Corporate Governance
BKAM5043 Strategic Management Accounting
BKAS5033 Information System Control & Audit
BKAM5033 Financial Modeling
BKAT5053 Goods and Services Tax in Selected Industries
BKAT5063 Indirect Tax Governance & Issues
BKAT5073 Indirect Tax Audit & Investigation

Project Paper (6 credit hours)

BPMZ6996 Project Paper

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